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                    THAI LEE AGRICULTURE Co.,Ltd (TLA)

                    has gained its reputation to be one of the leading export companies of Jasmine Rice in Thailand. We distribute over 100,000 tons of Jasmine Rice annually (worth over 2 billion baht each year). One distinguished companywe manufacture for is Happy Buddha Brand, the number one best selling brand of 100% Jasmine Rice in USA. We now export globally to over 70 countries. Main regions include USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

                    Jasmine rice

                    Jasmine Rice, also known as “Thai Fragrant Rice” or “Khao Hom Mali” is Long-Grain Rice that has a subtle pandan-like aroma. Thai Jasmine Rice has gained international reputation for its natural fragrance, tender texture, and light nutty taste that allows it to compliment well with a wide variety of dishes when cooked, this rice gives off pleasant aroma. Thailee Jasmine Rice Thailee agriculture Co.,Ltd ensure a Premuim Quality of Jasmine Rice, and maintains at least 96% pure, much higher than Thai Industries Standards of 92% purity for domestic & international use.The quality of Jasmine Rice in determined by the percentage of pure Jasmine Rice to total weight.

                    Thai Lee’s Facilities

                    Our factory is located in the providence of Chacherngsao, 35 km. east of Bangkok, Thailand. We have dedicated our efforts to the production of the best quality Jasmine rice for almost two decades. On our 12 acres facility, we offer the most advanced manufacturing process to ensure high levels of production, starting from a careful selection of raw materials, methods of production, packaging, and international shipping to our customers worldwide. High technology is incorporated in every step of the process from production to logistics.

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